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July 2018
  • July 2-6, 2018 Symposium

July 2018 UCLA Hawaii Symposium: July 3, 2018 
It’s that time of year again! It’s the 28th Annual UCLA Hawaii Symposium being held on the west shores of the island of Maui. Set in the gorgeous backdrop of The Ritz Carlton Resort at Kapalua Bay, this 5-day conference is a chance to hear from world-renowned speakers and network with fellow industry professionals. On Tuesday, July 3, enjoy a fun and comprehensive talk on Practice Management by Cindy Ishimoto. Owners and team members can benefit from the many insights Cindy has garnered as an international dental consultant.
Each year, hundreds of participants and their families enjoy the beautiful setting while taking invaluable information and learning new techniques that can be applied to their practices immediately. Learn more about the symposium here.
May 2017
  • May 16, 2017 Webinar

Are you or is someone in your practice a “statistic-phobe?”

Too often practice owners and office managers “think” or “feel” like everything is going well in the practice, but they have nothing concrete to back up their feelings.

Often, folks would rather look the other way than dive into the facts and figures behind their dental practice. For example, when it comes to A/R:

  • What are your typically “bad months”? Not sure…you should be.
  • If you do know what months are worse for you, do you know what to do about it?
  • What parts of the systems you have in place are NOT working?
  • What are the numbers supposed to be?
  • What’s the 90-day number supposed to be?

NEA Powered by Vyne welcomes well-known dental consultant, Cindy Ishimoto as she shares best practices for tracking your practice’s trends and how to use those facts and figures to your advantage.

This is Part 1 of 2-Part series, so be sure to also register for Part 2 of this webinar. Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at NOON ET and Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at NOON ET.

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June 2017

  • June 5-9, 2017  Wahoo, Nebraska
  • Jun 16, 2017   Pacific Northwest Dental Conference Seattle Washington (If you do not PRE-pare, you will need to RE-pair, Broken Appointments: The black holes of scheduling success)
  • Jun 20, 2017  Webinar
    What You Don’t Know WILL Kill You – Business Reporting & Analytics – Part 2 content above
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July 2017 Full Day Presentation: UCLA Hawaii Symposium: July 5, 2017 
The symposium takes place over 5 days at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid on the stunning Kohala Coast. This annual event is a chance to hear from world-renowned speakers and connect with industry professionals while enjoying the natural beauty of such idyllic surroundings. Read more. The UCLA Hawaii Symposium features a full day for dental staff on Wednesday with Cindy Ishimoto, which is always very well received. Every year hundreds of participants come to the course looking for a beautiful vacation and take away outstanding new information and techniques to apply in their practices on Monday. Learn more about the symposium and register online.
August 2017
September 2017
  • September 5-10 AADOM conference Scottsdale, AZ
    I highly recommend this meeting to all office managers, administraters and business assistants.  AADOM is focused on providing a quality meeting with a vast amount of educational opportunities focused on the business management of a dental practice.  Register today, and let them know you were referred by Cindy Ishimoto
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October 2017

  • Oct 3-6, 2017   Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • Oct 17-18, 2017   Academy of Dental Management Consultants annual meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Oct 19-21, 2017   ADA annual meeting Atlanta, Georgia
November 2017
  • Nov 1-3, 2017   Wahoo, Nebraska
December 2017

2018 Events 


Previous Events

  • Apr 21-25, 2017   Honolulu, HI
  • Feb 6-10, 2017   Wahoo Nebraska
  • Jan 17-21, 2017   Council Bluffs Iowa
  • June 16–17, 2016 Pacific North Dental Conference Seattle (Broken Appointments: The Black Holes of Scheduling Success – If you do not PRE-pare you will need to RE-pair)
  • Jan 21–22, 2016 Honolulu, Hawaii: HDA Annual Convention
  • Nov 5–8, 2015 Washington D.C.: ADA National Convention
  • Nov 2–4, 2015 Washington D.C.: Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC) Annual Meeting
  • Oct 15-18, 2015 Williams Lake, BC, Canada
  • Aug 26–29, 2015 Nashville, Tennessee: AADOM National Convention
  • Aug 15-22, 2015 Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Aug 4-5, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jul 16-20, 2015 Monterey, California
  • Jun 23–25, 2015 Grand Hyatt Kauai, Hawaii: 25th Annual UCLA Hawaii Aesthetic Continuum
  • May 27–30, 2015 Boise, Idaho
  • May 6–11, 2015 Monterey, California
  • Apr 20–22, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Apr 15–17, 2015 Milburn, New Jersey
  • Mar 25–26, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Mar 16–17, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mar 11–12, 2015 Honolulu Hawaii
  • Mar 4–9, 2015 Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Feb 25–26, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Feb 18, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Feb 5–9, 2015 Monterey, California
  • Feb 2–4, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jan 29–30, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jan 15–16, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaii Dental Association Annual Meeting
  • Jan 15, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jan 8–10, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dec 1–4, 2014 Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • Nov 15, 2014 Session III Periodontal & Implant Associates of Hawaii: Hawaii Graduate Dental Forum
  • Oct 22-24, 2014 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii: Dr. Melissa Nitta and Team
  • Oct 9–14, 2014 San Antonio, Texas: ADA National Convention
  • Oct 7–8, 2014 San Antonio, Texas: Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC) annual meeting
  • Oct 6, 2014 San Antonio, Texas: CareCredit Summit
  • Sep 10–12, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Sep 8, 2014 Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii
  • Sep 3–5, 2014 San Diego, California: AADOM Meeting
  • Sep 2, 2014 Monterey, California
  • August 28–29, 2014 Monterey, California
  • Aug 24–26, 2014 Dentrix Summit, Utah
  • Aug 13, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Aug 4–5, 2014 Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii
  • Jul 12, 2014 Session II Periodontal & Implant Associates of Hawaii: Hawaii Graduate Dental Forum
  • Jul 1–3, 2014 Fairmont Orchid Hotel Hawaii: UCLA Hawaii Aesthetic Continuum
  • Jun 26–27, 2014 Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Jun 10–12, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jun 3–4, 2014 Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada (Hygiene Consultant Leslie Neveu RDH)
  • May 1–2, 2014 Boise, Idaho
  • Apr 19, 2014 Session I Periodontal & Implant Associates of Hawaii: Hawaii Graduate Dental Forum
  • Apr 14, 2014 Wailuku, Hawaii
  • Mar 20–21, 2014 Kona, Hawaii
  • Mar 19, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Mar 7, 2014 Maui, Hawaii
  • Mar 5–6, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Feb 19–21, 2014 Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Feb 10–18, 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jan 29–30, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jan 22–24, 2014 Kona, Hawaii
  • Jan 13–17, 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jan 8–9, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Nov 27–Dec 2, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada & Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Nov 12–15, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Oct 29–Nov 2, 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Oct 16–18, 2013 Milburn, New Jersey
  • Oct 7–10, 2013 Williams Lake British Columbia Canada
  • Sep 18–22, 2013 Orlando, Florida
  • Sep 10-13, 2013 Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Aug 28–30, 2013 Kona, Hawaii
  • Aug 21–23, 2013 Lodi, California
  • Aug 14–19, 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Jul 31–Aug 1, 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jul 25, 2013 Vancouver British Columbia Canada
  • Jul 22–24, 2013 Williams Lake British Columbia Canada
  • Jul 9–10, 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii

Periodontal & Implant Associates of Hawaii:  Hawaii Graduate Dental Forum The Hawaii Dental Forum began in 2005 as a new and unique study group that is directly associated with the Seattle Study Club Organization. There are now over 182 Seattle Study Clubs throughout the USA. The Hawaii Dental Forum is exclusively the first and only study group here in Hawaii to be affiliated with the Seattle Study Club Organization and will receive their full and expert support. Members of the Hawaii Dental Forum will also receive full continuing education credit for courses.Cindy Ishimoto will be presenting at 3 of Drs. Clyde and Michael Umaki’s Study Sessions:

  • Session I – Saturday, April 19, 2014
  • Session II – Saturday, July 12, 2014
  • Session III – Saturday, November 15, 2014

Full Day Presentation UCLA Hawaii 2014 Esthetic Dentistry & Periodontics Main Conference: July 2, 2014

If you do not PRE-pare, you will need to RE-pair! What you don’t know WILL hurt you… How to understand what the data indicates and how to change, polish, and improve a system to achieve the success you imagine. The 24th Annual UCLA Hawaii Symposium has an outstanding line-up of world-class speakers on the hottest topics in dentistry, and will be held at the Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani, an award-winning luxury retreat on the beautiful sun drenched Kohala Coast of Hawaii’s “Big Island.” The 5 day main conference will take place between 8am and noon each day, allowing attendees plenty of time to relax and enjoy the resort. Make no mistake about it, despite the gorgeous location, this symposium is of the highest caliber. Every year hundreds of participants come to the course looking for a beautiful vacation and take away outstanding new information and techniques to apply in their practices on Monday. The UCLA Hawaii Symposium features a full day for dental staff on Wednesday with Cindy Ishimoto, which is always very well received.

April 17th, 2013 at the AAE Annual SessionTeamwork and Team Harmony • Discuss how to use enhanced effectiveness skills to accomplish tasks by improving relationships with others. • Discuss how to use effective communication techniques that will reduce team conflicts and will increase productivity, profitability, and success. • Cultivate “take charge” skills that turn conflict into cooperation. What to Say When: A Panel Discussion Lois J. Banta, Ronald I. Deblinger, D.M.D., and Cindy Ishimoto • Describe to clinical and administrative staff how to handle delicate questions from patients. • Demonstrate the power of communication in a practice when handled in a professional way. • Strengthen relationships with coworkers, patients, and referring doctors with consistent answers. To Be or Not to Be: Family Members in Practice • Define their role/job description and tasks within the practice. • Define their responsibilities in the practice. • Describe leadership strategies they will be using as a team member within the practice.   July 3rd, 2013 Wailea, Maui, Hawaii Full Day Presentation UCLA Hawaii 2013 Esthetic Dentistry & Periodontics Main Conference Capturing Practice Potential ~ thriving not just Surviving Create an exceptional experience and improve the patient treatment cycle by utilizing practical, effective techniques to enhance the quality of care. This presentation provides concrete solutions and dynamic ideas that attendees can put to use immediately.

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