Dental Practice Magazine has recently published Cindy Ishimoto’s latest article, “How to Get the Most out of Dental Seminars.” This marks another exciting achievement for Cindy’s career, introducing her to new audiences. Click the link to read the article and find out some great tips on memory retention exercises and making the most of your time by properly managing it. You’ll even find out about “CAT,” an exercise to elevate your note-taking and review process.

Cindy always does such a great job at making her articles easily relatable to her readers, and this one is no exception. “How to Get the Most out of Dental Seminars” is a great addition to Cindy’s immense repertoire of work and will continue to propel her into great standing with all dental professionals.

Cindy Ishimoto’s love of people and dentistry enable her to share her enthusiasm to build successful, people-oriented businesses. If you’d like to contact her, she can be reached at 808-375-7344 or online at