The Spring 2015 issue of the Hawaii Dental Association Journal features Cindy Ishimoto’s latest article contribution, part one in a series of three articles, entitled, “Don’t Commit Assume-icide.”  This is a proud accomplishment for Cindy as it further establishes her outstanding career as a dental speaker and consultant in her home state of Hawaii, as well as internationally!

This article delves into the world of practically running and managing a dental practice, with advice from Cindy on proper techniques for ensuring well-thought-out statistical analysis that will lead to success. “Don’t Commit Assume-icide” is a fresh look at comparing key indicators in scenarios that may otherwise seem immeasurable, and is described in easy-to-understand language that all dental practices will benefit from.

The Hawaii Dental Association is a statewide, professional membership organization representing Hawaii-licensed dentists. The exposure that Cindy receives from having “Don’t Commit Assume-icide” in their publication is quite significant, as it is edited and read by highly-respected professionals in the dental field.

Cindy Ishimoto has a great knack for bringing dental practice management into perspective with highly-relatable advice for all professionals. If you’d like to get in touch or contact her for speaking or consulting services, she can be reached at 808-375-7344 or online at