DiSC® - Understanding and AppreciatingIndividual Behaviors and Personalities

Effectively Provided as One-on-One Coaching or Self-Guided Learning

With DiSC®, coworkers will be able to identify and appreciate each other’s behavioral preferences and tendencies. They use this newfound information to understand how these behaviors impact workplace interactions — essentially creating a naturally more empathetic workforce. When coworkers understand where each other is coming from, they’ll start to develop better responses to their needs and flexibly stretch to achieve more efficient, positive interactions.

By being a part of this valuable coaching, you’ll experience improvement with:

  • Communications
  • Culture
  • Effective meetings
  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Training

Each participant will receive their personalized analysis with coaching development notes on how to strengthen gap areas. We invite everyone to learn about other team members and receive information on improving communication with each person from the participant’s style.

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Building the Foundations of Communications

Your organization also receives a comparison of the entire team as an overall evaluation and the individuals. This will become a foundation that everyone will build on to improve communication, establish trust, and grow passion.

You can also include this as part of your onboarding process for new team members, having them take the analysis and set expectations to understand how to grow through the learning they can receive on the platform.

(Need more assistance? Cindy can provide additional coaching once your assessments are complete and along with the establishment of your strategic approach to a pathway of professional growth.)

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Understanding the Art of Being People Literate

No matter what kind of organization you work for, you are in the people business. People are essential to your success.

Clients are people, employees are people, and leaders are people. Nothing gets done without the creativity, support, and effort that people contribute.

We know people are complex, and that we don’t come with a user’s guide to help others understand us and learn how to relate to us. It makes sense, therefore, to be people literate — to understand what makes people tick.

Research shows that teams with diverse perspectives and various strengths perform better and are more successful. The DiSC® assessment can also be effective in helping individuals move from judging differences to valuing them.

Getting Started on the High-Performance Path

Organizations that fail to capitalize on the human side of a business cannot achieve their full potential. That’s why practical tools like the DiSC® Behavioral Model are valuable for understanding and managing the human side of your business. It’s time to start utilizing your most untapped competitive advantage: teamwork! Are you one of the leaders serious about building higher-functioning, higher-performing teams?

Let Cindy show you how it all starts by creating a culture of open dialogue and genuine interpersonal relationships and knowing what positive improvements lie ahead by incorporating DiSC® behavioral styles in your organization.

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