Developing High-Performance Teams andCreating a Healthy Culture

Building a Culture of Trust and Passion

Trust is the essential foundation for creating a high-performing culture. Employees passionate about their work and the organization they work for are more likely to stay long term, increase customer loyalty, and go the extra mile — creating the foundation for your high-performing culture.

Do the people you work with genuinely care about their work and your organization? Research shows that if you satisfy employee needs, they will trust you.

Also, if you meet the needs that ignite passion, not only will your employees trust you, they will also be passionate about what they do and what they can bring to their organization.

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How to Build Trust: The Foundations for Honesty and Accountability

Building trust begins once you know where the current trust level lies — What you can measure, you can manage. Next, you can create an action plan that increases trust across all levels in your organization.

The strategic utilization of Intégro’s Trust Inside Assessment Employee Passion Survey is the starting point. This assessment is designed to give organizations data about specific areas to improve trust-based relationships across all levels. The customized data makes it simple for organizations to take the first step toward a more efficient and motivational employee environment.

Intégro’s research identified the five employee needs that ignite passion and have clearly shown that trust for management and passion or engagement is high when these needs are highly satisfied.

The survey measures the degree to which the needs that ignite passion are being satisfied, the level of trust employees’ have for management or leadership, and the level of passion they have for their work or their organization.

The survey provides powerful feedback about how everyone truly feels about coming to work and how committed they are to doing their best.

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Coaching Includes:

  • Learning the Whole Person Concept
  • The Personal Responsibility Model
  • The Passion Pyramid
  • The Passion Index
  • The Intégro Trust Model
  • Understanding the Trust Model
  • The Values that Build Trust Report Debrief
  • Levels of Employee Passion Report Debrief
  • Debriefing the Employee Passion Survey

In the end, we’ll focus on tips gathered from our development notes to plan a custom strategy of focus for the direct evaluation and implementation of success.

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