The single greatest advantage any dental practice can achieve is organizational health.

To run a practice effectively, leaders must be able to strategize, set vision and priorities, build relationships, influence others, and make things happen.


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Dentistry Today voted Cindy Ishimoto as one of the Leaders in Dental Consulting from 2006 through 2021.

The choices you make today will determine where you’ll be tomorrow.



Cindy’s coaching will help your practice develop a high-performance culture that will light a fire within team members rather than under them.

What dental practices need to ensure growth and sustainability cannot be bought with a paycheck.  Trust and respect are the currency of winning cultures fueling everyone on the team to generate exceptional results.

When everyone on the team is on the same page, all team members are clear about what they are doing and why they are doing it.  They become committed to fulfilling their responsibilities to achieve the team’s goals.  As a result, highly aligned teams become high performing teams.  This level of alignment can only be achieved when there is a high level of trust on the team.

Cindy will coach you on clear steps to building a culture of trust, aligning teams, and developing leaders with more effective trust building and flexibility skills. A strong culture of trust and flexible leadership helps your practice to grow and thrive.

You CAN have a positive culture with high-performing team members.

Customized Coaching Programs Available On-Site or Virtually

Leadership By Design:  Will who you are now lead you to who you want to be in the future?

To run a practice effectively, leaders must be able to strategize, set vision and priorities, build relationships, influence others, and make things happen.

 Leadership Team Coaching is designed to develop, grow, or enhance the leadership systems and skills for every practice.   The place to begin is with Organizational Health: you must create, advance, strategize, execute and evaluate:

Purpose -> Values -> Vision -> Goals -> Priorities -> Roles -> Communication

Good leadership is about meeting the needs of your people and your objectives get met as a by-product of them achieving their needs.


Developing High-Performance Teams and Creating a Healthy Culture

    Are Your Employees Passionate about their Work and Your Practice?

    Employees who are passionate about both their work and the dental practice they work for are more likely to stay long term, increase patient loyalty, and go the extra mile. This is what builds a High Performing Culture

    Building high-performing teams is not a matter of chance; it is the only choice to create a successful practice. You absolutely can learn to effectively develop your high-performance team. 

    Coaching includes DiSC®   Behavioral Style analysis for the entire team along with recommendations, skills, and tools to elevate the team’s understanding and appreciation of each other.

     Coaching also includes Intégro’s Employee Passion Survey.    This analysis system measures how employees believe their “intrinsic” needs are being satisfied and the level of trust employees have for your practice and its leadership. This will pinpoint problem areas to enable you to create change initiatives to ultimately create a culture of trust, personal responsibility, and passion.

    The coaching goal: To develop and align the team to create Organization Health, trust one another, and be passionate about what they do to help the practice be successful.  Organizational Health is present when there is minimal politics and confusion, high morale and productivity, and very low turnover among good employees.  When the practice culture is whole, consistent, and complete, the management/leadership operations, strategy, and culture fit together and make sense.

    Practice Culture: Understanding and Appreciating Diversity

    Coaching includes the use of DiSC® Behavioral Style analysis for the entire team along with recommendations, skills, and tools to elevate the team’s understanding and appreciation of each other. 

     The coaching goal: To create an understanding and appreciation of common ground that includes a diversity of communication, thinking, approaches to problem-solving, tasks, and relationships.  The practice will learn about the team and how understanding patients’ styles can improve communications and create lasting relationships.

    DiSC®  This program can be provided as coaching with Cindy or a self-guided learning module

    No matter what kind of practice you work for, you are in the people business. People are essential to your success. Patients are people, employees are people, and leaders are people. Nothing gets done without the creativity, support, and effort that people contribute.

    We know people are complex and that we don’t come with a user’s guide to help others understand us and learn how to relate to us. It makes sense, therefore, to be people literate—to understand what makes people tick. Research shows that teams with diverse perspectives and have various strengths perform better and are more successful.  The DiSC® assessment can also be effective in helping individuals move from judging differences to valuing them.

    Practices that fail to capitalize on the people side of business cannot achieve their full potential. That is why practical tools like the DiSC® Behavioral Model are valuable for understanding and managing the people side of business. START utilizing your most untapped competitive advantage: teamwork!  Leaders who are serious about building higher-functioning, higher-performing teams by creating a culture of open dialogue and genuine interpersonal relationships will want to incorporate DiSC® behavioral styles understanding within the practice

    Team Appreciation in Paradise

    Reward your team with a retreat in Hawaii or other destinations! Lounge and learn, then return to the dental practice with renewed enthusiasm and the tools to implement change.

    I welcome your inquiry and I look forward to answering your questions, speaking with you about your concerns and to working together to design a customized consulting experience for your needs.

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