May 11 – 12, 2023 2023 Inland Northwest Dental Conference

Spokane, WA

Inland Northwest Dental Conference

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8:00 AM Keynote: Unlock the Power of Leadership at Every Level (90 min)

2023 is about developing high-performance cultures that will light a fire within team members rather than under them. What businesses need to ensure growth and sustainability cannot be purchased with a paycheck. Trust and respect are the currency of winning cultures fueling everyone on the team to generate exceptional results. Join us and learn clear steps to building a culture of trust, aligning teams, and developing passionate leaders.

2:30 PM Narrowing Generational Gaps (2.5 hr)

How to Have a Team of All Ages Find Common Ground

Now that our workplaces are more generationally diverse than at any time in history and at risk of conflict because of this, how do we all work together harmoniously? Dentists and their teams can learn to connect people across the generations; they can start to find a way to bridge the so-called generational borders. You will learn best practices for engaging patients and team members across the generations. You’ll also gain actionable strategies and integrated tools that build rapport, camaraderie, and cooperation among team members.

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