Practical Practice Management Tip: Care Process

Jan 31, 2017

 I KNOW HOW time consuming running a successful dental practice can be. From taking care of your patients to dealing with day-to-day business tasks, there’s often little down time to stop and catch your breath.

I know your time is valuable, so this week I want to provide an easy to implement tip to help you in your practice!

CARE about your team meetings

CARE: this acronym stands for Celebrate, Assess, Refine, Elevate/Evaluate

As a result of using the CARE process you will have positive team meetings that will set the tone for change, follow through and follow up.

Celebrate:  the system that you are being challenged by or that needs focus.  Ask things like: what went well, what great things did you accomplish, what did patients say about your care.  Teams that celebrate the things in their practice that are going well the challenges that they need to work on will seem less dramatic.

Assess:  make a list of the challenges or the things that need to be changed or be focused on.  Keep in mind: in solving a problem, first look for flaws in the organizational structure rather than in the people.  No finger pointing or calling out other team members.

Refine:  Write out the steps that need to be done, the projects that need completing, assign who will be responsible, and make sure to include asking for a due date:  When can we look forward to having this step completed?  Thank everyone who steps up and volunteers to get the ball rolling.

Elevate/Evaluate:  Put your agreements into place and measure their success at your next team meeting.  Set expectations for how you will know that things have changed and have been improved.

Learning New Skills Doesn’t Have To Take Long!

Finally, I hope you enjoyed this week’s quick tip! If you have any questions about this information or have some helpful hints of your own, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


Thank you for placing your trust in me!

Aloha, Cindy Ishimoto

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