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What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You, Your Team, and Your Business

The value of choosing a leadership speaker of Cindy’s Ishimoto’s caliber is apparent from the moment she delivers her first words of sage advice.

There’s no denying her unmatched expertise and professional prowess that other leadership development coaches will be lucky ever to achieve.

Cindy’s ability to elevate leaders, cultivate a culture based on trust, and create high-performance teams that are self-motivated to succeed are just some of the reasons why you should bring her on to help your organization.

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Love Being the Leader You Are

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When Cindy speaks, the world listens.

That’s because she was born to motivate, inspire, and be a leadership speaker. One of her favorite things is to simply speak, engaging her audience through an authentic, passionate delivery.

This makes everything more exciting and engaging for business professionals at every level looking for enhanced leadership development — whether it’s something you want to better for yourself or if there’s a transformation you’re looking to make to better your entire team.

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Lead the Way: Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Consider boosting your business’ health by cultivating a culture of trust and communication for your organization where leadership is improved and more efficient. Let Cindy show you how to align your organization and team through seven proven processes that lead to overall organizational health and success.

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Transformational Teamwork: Growing Leaders at Every Level

It’s no secret that highly aligned teams become high-performing teams. But how do you get there? Join Cindy as she outlines clear steps to building a culture of trust that will lead you to achieve alignment and develop a team full of flexible, knowledgeable leaders.

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Micromanaging: Let It Go

The bottom line is this: Micromanaging is one of the most common employee complaints. Learn how to recognize the signs and stop committing one of the most widely condemned managerial sins. Let Cindy guide you through the use of effective delegation and empowerment techniques.

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Narrowing the Generation Gap

Workplaces are growing increasingly more generationally diverse than ever before. How do you get everyone to work together harmoniously for a more positive customer experience? Together, we can see what each person has to bring to the table and how these skills are the foundation for finding common ground.

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