Narrowing the Generation Gap

How to Have a Team of All Ages Find Common Ground

There is a wealth of information today but a poverty of understanding.

Today’s multi-generational, vastly diverse, high-flux, technology accelerating, info-inundated, headline-reading culture demands that we seek more understanding of teammates.

Now that our workplaces are more generationally diverse than at any time in history and at risk of conflict because of this, how do we all work together harmoniously?

It is crucial to be aware of generational tension. When leaders and employees recognize that they each have different skills and bring other things to the table, they will find common ground to create strong working relationships.

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Bridging Generational Borders

When a leader or business learns to connect people across the generations, they can start to find a way to bridge the so-called generational borders.

You will learn best practices for engaging both clients and team members across the generations. You’ll also gain actionable strategies and integrated tools that build rapport, camaraderie, and cooperation among team members.

Capitalize on the team’s strengths to develop a process that creates stronger relationships and opportunities for the best possible outcomes for your clients.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Explore strategies for improving multi-generational team performance.
  • Improve inter-generational communications by understanding the generational common grounds.
  • Develop verbal and relationship skills to manage generational differences that increase quality and productivity, reduce conflict, and maximize the contributions of all team members.
  • Learn to focus on individual strengths rather than on generational differences for greater workplace satisfaction and organization profitability.

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