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Building a High Performance Culture

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Building a High Performance Culture
Building a High Performance Culture

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Building a High Performance Culture

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What research shows is that if you satisfy employee needs, they will trust you, and you satisfy the needs that ignite passion; not only will your employees trust you, they will be passionate about what they do and their organization

Employee Passion Survey

Leaders and managers need to look beyond engagement and instead assess how passionate people are about the organization itself.  Their emotional connection to the organization makes a crucial difference and will positively impact the bottom line.  In addition to measuring the trust your employees have for their managers, this survey also measures the level of passion your employees have for the work they do and for your organization. Vital information to build on the growth of your organization for now and in the future.

Intégro's research identified the five employee needs that ignite passion and has clearly shown that when these needs are highly satisfied, trust for management is high, and passion is high.

The Employee Passion Survey measures the degree to which the needs that ignite passion are being satisfied, the level of trust employees have for management, and the level of passion they have for their work and their organization.

The power of the Employee Passion Survey is that it gives managers feedback about the impact their behavior is having on how their employees feel about coming to work and how committed they are to doing their best.  When managers have this information, they can develop specific action steps to increase trust and passion.

What you can measure, you can manage…Here are the steps:

  • Contact Cindy Ishimoto to implement the Employee Passion Survey in your organization

  • Results will be debriefed with the leadership team and department managers

  • Implement action plans to increase trust and passion

  • Take the Employee Passion Survey again in 9-12 months to measure the improvement in your organizational culture and business results.


To measure the underlying health of the organization's culture by getting to the heart of the culture: trust.  The employee passion survey is the organizational EKG– it lets you know what is really going on.


Research shows that there are five employee needs that, when satisfied, will result in passionate and engaged employees.  The need to be respected, to learn and grow, to be an insider, to do meaningful work, and to be on a winning team.


The impact management behavior is having on the culture and especially the impact trust, or lack of it, is having on the passion employees have for what they do and the organization.

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Contact Cindy@cindyishimoto.com or call 808-375-7344 to discuss implementing the Employee Passion Survey.

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