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Building High-Performance Teams

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Building High-Performance Teams
Building High-Performance Teams

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Building High-Performance Teams

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Team Alignment Leads to High Levels of Performance

When everyone in the team is aligned and "on the same page", all team members are clear about what they are doing and why they are doing it and are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities to achieve the team's goals.  As a result, highly aligned teams become high-performing teams.

This level of alignment can only be achieved when there is a high level of trust in the team because only when there is trust will team members have the robust conversations they must have to achieve a high level of alignment.  Teams where trust is high and members are aligned around a common vision, values, purpose, priorities, and roles are more likely to achieve their targets.  Organizations that prioritize collaboration and teamwork are four times more likely to experience improved profitability.

The assessment will accurately pinpoint exactly which level of alignment currently exists on the team.  Is the team in the bottom quartile (25% of all teams), the second, third, or top quartile?  The research has also identified the specific trust-building behaviors needed to increase alignment and move a team to higher levels of performance.

High-performance teams outperform other similar teams and outperform what you would expect of the team, given the makeup of the team.  A champion team will outperform a team of individual champions.

What you can measure, you can manage…Here are the steps:

  • Contact Cindy Ishimoto to implement the Team Alignment Survey in your organization.  This survey assesses the degree of team alignment around vision, values, purpose, goals, priorities, and roles, as well as the level of trust among team members.

  • Based on the survey results, Cindy Ishimoto will help your team understand where there is a lack of alignment and the steps needed to build alignment and trust.

  • We will work with leaders and the team to develop greater trust, commit to an aligned strategic direction, and hold one another accountable to shared results.

  • Ongoing individual and team coaching is offered to ensure continued focus on improving alignment and trust teamwide.  

  • Retaking the survey is recommended after six months to determine progress and identify any remaining challenges for resolution.


Clarity and approval: the degree that which team members are clear on and personally approves of the purpose, values, vision, goals, priorities, and roles.  The barriers to building trust in the team and what needs to be done to remove them.


Anonymous verbatim comments from team members provide valuable feedback about the impact the current level of alignment and trust is having on the team's culture.


What is currently preventing the team from achieving higher levels of alignment?  The additional development notes provided help to identify specific areas the team must work on to achieve higher levels of alignment.

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Contact Cindy@cindyishimoto.com or call 808-375-7344 to discuss implementing the Team Alignment Survey.

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