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Testimonials on Cindy’s Dental Consulting:

“You’re definitely the best and Marc and I are so thankful that we had the opportunity to work with you. We really feel that you took our practice to the “next level” and you coached us into the “next phase” of our lives (retirement) too! We love retirement and we look back on our dental careers with such gratitude that we were able to retire, travel, enjoy our family and have so much fun!”

Kelly Barnett DDS and Marcus Barnett DDS (Nixa, Missouri)

“My team and I have been working with Cindy since 2005. We have benefited tremendously from her coaching and insightfulness, with a more cohesive and unified team. Our communication among the team and with our patients have greatly improved. There is less stress and greater productivity. Cindy has an innate ability to positively impact my team, the practice and myself. We highly recommend Cindy who is committed, a great listener, superbly professional and a fabulous coach.”

Harold A. Pollack D.D.S. and team

“When I first considered hiring Cindy Ishimoto I knew that our office should be doing a lot better than it was but I didn’t know how to get it there alone. Hiring Cindy was a big decision and a big investment. Looking back on it now it seems like a no brainer. I think most dentists, myself included, are a lot faster to spend big dollars on some new high tech equipment than on something seemingly less tangible (i.e., dental practice consulting). This type of thinking is a big mistake! I have taken tons of CE courses, watched hours of dental videos, and even hired other consultants but nothing else even compares to the changes that you were able to make in my practice. Without a doubt hiring you was the best investment in my practice I ever made.”

Declan J. Devereux, DDS, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

“I have had the sincere privilege of working with Cindy Ishimoto for the past fifteen years. Some of my peers may wonder, how one consultant can provide continuous growth and success to a practice after all these years. Well, I believe that the pursuit of excellence is a never-ending process. This is what she has instilled within me, and what makes her unique among dental consultants. Cindy has boundless energy, and loves working with the staff. She takes an active role in inspiring us to keep challenging ourselves, and to serve our patients exceeding their expectations. Cindy has created systems within our practice that help us function efficiently to provide our patients with the highest quality of care, from their initial phone call, to treatment completions and maintenance. With a thorough understanding of our practice mission statement and goals, Cindy tailors these systems specifically to our practice needs. With Cindy’guidance, we have developed into a great team that enjoys serving our patients and improving their quality of life.”

Warren H. Ohira, DDS

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Cindy Ishimoto as a dental consultant. She has worked for me as a dental consultant since December of 1991. She has made a tremendous difference in my practice and has helped my office achieve its major goals. She is organized, thorough, perceptive and knowledgeable in evaluating my practice. She has given me great advice and guidance in the practice management area, which has allowed my staff and I to excel. Cindy has been invaluable in offering great advice in maintaining teamwork, high morale, excellent patient services and a wonderful working environment. I highly recommend Cindy Ishimoto as a dental consultant. I think anyone would be very lucky to have her as a dental consultant and friend.”

Clyde S. Umaki, DDS MS, Periodontal and Implant Associates of Hawaii

“Cindy has been working (and I mean working) with our practice for over 10 years. She has helped coach and advise me through the great recessions, hiring new staff, firing dysfunctional ones, putting systems into play, creating bonus systems, marketing, verbal skills, and lots of training. You name it: Cindy has been there for me. She has made my practice run so much smoother and be more profitable so that it is enjoyable to practice dentistry again. If you need help, please call her. Cindy is one of the best investments you will make.”

Jonathan K. Lau

“Cindy has been a wonderful source of knowledge and support. Her leadership skills and personality profile know how is limitless. Our team looks forward to her visits time and time again.”

Perry Vitoratos, DDS

Testimonials on Cindy’s Dental Speaking:

“Great dental speaker, very informative, really kept my attention. I think every front office staff should take a course from Cindy.”

Shawna Radasa, Office Manager

“I really enjoyed Cindy and I look forward to hearing her again. She was very helpful in answering questions about aging accounts.”

Mary Fogg, Office Manager

“This class was very informative. I am new to dentistry. The use of patient-friendly language will be very helpful. I feel much more confident about talking financial arrangements now. Excellent speaker. Not a boring moment.”

Robyn Morris, Receptionist

“Cindy is a great motivator, uses humor, not boring, helps me want to move ahead.”

Georgia Giddings, Insurance Manager

“Cindy was great – very thorough, high energy and very patient. She was willing to expand on any point and never rushed through anything – always with a smile.”

Maureen Kerwin, Front Office

“A dynamic and fun speaker. I enjoyed the collection myths. It stimulated my interest.”

Greg Sasaki, DDS

“Cindy was great. I was dreading coming but I’m very happy leaving.”

Suzanne Mendez, Office Manager

“I learned about dealing with the accounts receivable and over the counter collections. A great day presented in an enjoyable format.”

Brian Fung, DDS

“I appreciated not only the information, but also the enthusiasm and humor with which it was presented. Implementing change is at least challenging – if not nearly impossible – for many people. However, seeing the benefits as part of the vision makes it possible. Thanks for clarifying the benefits and the vision.”

Steve Junken, DDS

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