Managing vs Leading

As an international dental consultant and speaker, one of the most common questions I’m asked is how to grow a practice. The answer lies in the difference between managers and leaders. For doctors who are constantly looking out for the welfare of their patients and staff, it’s not surprising that they neglect the welfare of their business as their overall vision for their practice gets blurred by their day-to-day tasks. Dentists consistently have to keep up with the changing business landscape while managing the day-to-day; however, success is predicated on leadership. If you’re a dentist who owns your practice, ask yourself: are you managing or leading?

Here is a comparison of what managers are to leaders:

The Manager


Is a copy


Focuses on systems and structure

Relies on control

Has a short-range view

Asks how and when

Eye always on the bottom line


Accepts the status quo

The classic good soldier

Does things right

The Leader


Is an original


Focuses on people

Inspires Trust

Has a long range perspective

Asks what and why

Eye is on the horizon


Challenges the status quo

Is their own person

Does the right thing


Leading shouldn’t stop with business owners. Thousands of dentists, hygienists, and entire teams have benefited from my dental consulting. The challenge that many face is that not everyone is a natural born leader – becoming a true leader takes dedication, grit, and guidance. Whether you attend my course on leadership or schedule personalized dental or hygiene consulting, the best time to lead is now.

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