Is your dental practice suffering with outdated, ineffective systems?
Afraid that change could mean loss of income or alienated patients?

When it comes to management systems, what you don’t know CAN hurt you, your patients and the practice!

Take care of your future by making Dental Consultant Cindy Ishimoto a part of it!

Ready to create workplace harmony, decrease stress and increase practice profitability?

Want your team to see your vision, live your mission and achieve the goals consistently?

What got you here won’t get you to your future. Step up and be the leader that you CAN be! 

Dental Consulting, Cindy Ishimoto PortraitDentistry Today voted Cindy Ishimoto as one of the Leaders in Dental Consulting from 2006 through 2021.

The choices you make today will determine where you’ll be tomorrow.

Successful practices incorporate specific strategies in delivering the highest level of patient service. If you’re ready to enhance the patient experiences in your dental practice and improve the patient treatment cycle, Cindy’s practical, effective techniques can help you! Create a team that works effectively with other people, sets goals and achieves them, understands that attitude plays a role in success and is motivated to increase practice productivity and profitability. Cindy has given dental consultation across the USA and Canada. Dental Consulting is now within your reach with Cindy.

Customized Dental Practice Management Services (on site)

One Year Practice Excellence Program including: coaching, guiding, mentoring and empowering you and your staff to achieve your goals and deliver quality dentistry through improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Focused Coaching Services (on site or online)

Short-term coaching for problem solving, employee management, patient service or other system specific needs.

  • Team Meetings
  • Telephone or Skype Coaching
  • E-mail Support

Statistical Analysis Consulting

Monthly evaluation of practice statistics which provides strategies and focus points for the upcoming period.

Team Appreciation in Paradise

Reward your team with a retreat in Hawaii or other destinations! Lounge and learn, then return to the dental practice with renewed enthusiasm and the tools to implement change.

I welcome your inquiry and I look forward to answering your questions, speaking with you about your concerns and to working together to design a customized consulting experience for your needs.

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