Get to know Cindy Ishimoto: the speaker you can count on to fill your meeting rooms with attendees raving about her courses. Featuring 5 minutes of her most sought-after program Narrowing the Generation Gap.

It takes knowledge, flexibility and effective systems to successfully navigate a challenging economy, advancing insurance dominance, and fluctuating patient populations.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you, your patients and the practice!

Cindy Ishimoto is passionate about cultivating self-directed leaders who help their practices flourish. She wants her audience members to know that they CAN make a change and grow as a professional, a leader, and self-directed individual. Cindy’s presentations focus on helping practices establish systems that balance serving patients, profitability and enjoyment of the profession. Her enthusiasm, expertise and energy make her one of the most influential speakers and consultants in dentistry today. Cindy understands that repetition is the key to learning, and her creative presentations ensure this happens.


Creating Practice Excellence

Narrowing the Generation Gap

How to have a team of all ages find common ground

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore strategies for improving multi-generational team performance
  • Improve inter-generational communications and increase case acceptance by understanding the generational common ground
  • Develop verbal and relationship skills to manage generational differences that increase quality and productivity, reduces conflict, and maximizes the contributions of all team members
  • Learn to focus on individual strengths rather than on generational differences for greater workplace satisfaction and practice profitability


Creating Practice Excellence

Transformational Teamwork: Growing Leaders at Every Level

Develop a high-performance culture that will light a fire within team members rather than under them.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the employee passion pyramid.  Learn leadership skills to create passionate employees.
  • Learn the difference between engagement and passion. 
  • To understand the foundations for a culture of trust and personal responsibility. 
  • To learn how to support the practice to build stronger trust    relationships with dentists, team members and patients. 
  • To learn how to support dentist leaders in being flexible and grow their ability to build trust within their practice.
  • Walk away with the action steps necessary to create lasting behavior change and empowering team performance.


Creating Practice Excellence

Communicate and Connect: Clear & Compelling Communications That Will Change Your Outcomes

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance what you say, how and when you say it: improving the effectiveness of communications
  • Learn Communication Skills for Day to Day Success
  • Improve your communications with difficult patients
  • Enhance your communication skills for handling appointment changes and cancellations. Learn systematic approaches to helping patients keep their commitments.
  • The Patient Service Cycle: learn effective techniques and communication skills for each phase of an appointment from the first contact through reappointing
  • Learn Impactful Educational statements so patients understand the value and urgency of going forward with their care.


Creating Practice Excellence

Creating Practice Excellence: A Total Systems Approach

Choose Course Emphasis from these Practice Mastery Pathways:

  • What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You…
  • Broken Appointments: The Black Holes of Scheduling Success
  • Collecting Your Due

Learning Objectives

  • Increase practice productivity and profitability by learning to effectively manage systems
  • Identify methods for utilizing technology fully to boost service and improve efficiency
  • Enhance what you say, how and when you say it: improving the effectiveness of communications
  • Learn the best system to keep the backbone of your practice (continuing care) strong
  • Understand strategic planning: organizing and taking your vision into reality
Creating Practice Excellence

Spouses in the Practice: To Be or Not To Be

There is no one who cares more about the success of the practice than the spouse.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to create a spouse job description that is essential for the well-being of the practice
  • Learn critical principles for becoming a master of leadership and communication skills
  • Explore how behavior affects communication success and perceptions of who we are
  • Discover what your practice monitors indicate and strategies for enhancing management systems
  • Learn how to run the dental practice as business partners, and how to plan the business with intention


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